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Behind the scenes at Van Hool - a Route One exclusive!

Tim Deakin – Editor of Route One magazine – has visited Skopje, Macedonia, for a behind-the-scenes look at Van Hool’s manufacturing facility and an exclusive interview with CEO Filip Van Hool.

Below is an excerpt of what Tim had to say about the Van Hool EX16M and to read the full article follow this link

Arriva Bus and Coach has a range of EX16M and EX15H Van Hool coaches available for immediate delivery – call our Sales Team today for more information and arrange a test drive!

Tim Deakin – Editor of Route One magazine:
“Route One was able to drive an EX16M that was about to be dispatched to an Irish customer. It has the latest-generation DAF MX-11 engine coupled to ZF’s Ecolife Coach gearbox.

“On the EX, the driveline is mounted on a ‘sled’ that includes rubber brushes. That reduces the amount of vibration that is transmitted to the saloon. Riding at the rear gives an idea of how effective it is; even at low engine speeds under full throttle, no ‘booming’ is detectable.

“When in the driver’s seat, the flexibility of the new engine is obvious. Route One has already driven coaches with the latest MX-11, and in the EX continues to impress.

“Pulling power from 1,000rpm is excellent, and progress is made well. The EX holds the road superbly, and the driver will find little to criticise from a cab point of view.

“The Irish coach has a floor-level rear toilet and an adjacent continental door to maximise luggage space. No wind noise is evident from around the opening.

“As mentioned by Filip Van Hool, the coach was set for a brief stopover in Belgium before being shipped onwards; while at Koningshooikt, it will receive a servery opposite the toilet.

“Although the drive was only brief, the EX once again proved itself to be a highly-competent proposition.

“It’s a Van Hool. That’s all that needs to be said.”