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Safety Checks - Lighting

Lighting Checks

It is important that all exterior lights are checked regularly and are fully operational each time a vehicle hits the road. There are simple checks that can be carried out to ensure your exterior lighting is maintained and working correctly.

Front lights

All lenses must be clean and damage free, with no condensation or standing water in any of the light units. Both of these issues can affect the quality of the light given out by the bulb and in turn make driving dangerous. The reflective surface inside the headlight, main beam or front fog lights must be clean with no sign of corrosion as again this can affect the quality of light given out by the bulb. Regular checks of the headlight or main beam light pattern with a standard beam setter will ensure the beam is at the correct height and position. Adjustments can be made using the screws on the headlight unit.

H.I.D or high intensity discharge lights (xenon) are now used on many new vehicles and are typically fitted with headlight washers. It is critical that the headlight washers are in working order. Damaged or faulty H.I.D light units do not produce heat and cannot dry dirty water, resulting in a poor headlight beam.

Indicators/hazard lights

All indicator and hazard lenses should be clean and damage free with no white light on show when n operation. When using clear lenses yellow bulbs should not be faded and omit a bright yellow light. Correct bulbs and genuine replacement parts should be used wherever possible.

Rear lights

Rear lights generally should not show white light, unless in reverse mode. All lenses should be clean, undamaged and free from condensation and water. Correct wattage bulbs should be used for all fittings. For example, a brake light should be fitted with a 21 watt bulb. If led lights are used a minimum of 50% should be lit when the light is operated.