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Sorry, no new buses available

Unfortunately at the moment we have no new bus models in stock or available to order. For any bus requirements, please contact us and we would be happy to see how we can help.

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At Arriva Bus and Coach, we have the ability to offer bus and coach operators a one stop shop for their vehicle needs and this is complemented by the availability of hire purchase.

Van Hool

Elegance in Transport


For city trips, intercity lines and charters, Van Hool builds the appropriate coach. Comfortable and dependable, with just that little bit extra to make the trip unforgettable.

Van Hool remains true to its successful understructure and closely monitors the evolutions in new electronic systems, assessing the extent to which they effectively contribute to an increase in comfort and the active and passive safety of coaches.

The choice of environmentally-friendly engines makes it possible for Van Hool to meet the specific requirements of each customer.

In order to ensure a long operational life, the coaches are subjected to thorough anti-corrosion treatment, as part of Van Hoolâ??s high standards. In addition, during construction corrosion-free materials are used as much as possible.

Great care has been taken to achieve optimum air distribution. As a result of the way division occurs and the use of the latest control techniques, conditions are pleasant inside the coach

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