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Euro 6

Euro 6 – Coach

Clean Air Zones are being introduced in major cities across the UK with London also set to enforce an even stricter Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from 8 April, 2019.

The implications of the low emission zones can be complex and wide-ranging for coach operators with both economic and engineering factors to consider.

Arriva Bus and Coach is at the cutting edge of engineering solutions for Clean Air Zone legislation. We are currently in the final stages in the development of a Euro 6 conversion kit which will meet all regulatory requirements. The kits are being developed alongside our expert industry partners and will give operators the confidence of a sustainable and compliant Euro 6 solution.

As one of Europe’s largest transport organisations, Arriva has the knowledge and expertise to offer our customers unrivaled insight into the ever-changing legislative landscape and support them in identifying the right solution for their individual needs.

Arriva Bus and Coach is already installing Euro 6 conversion kits into buses with more than 1,000 conversions successfully carried out to date. For more information on our Euro 6 bus conversion project please click here

Euro 6 – Bus

Arriva Bus and Coach is at the cutting edge of engineering solutions for Clean Air Zone legislation and has already installed more than 1,000 Euro 6 conversion kits into buses.

We are working with our expert industry partners to install conversion kits for operators in the London area in readiness for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) which comes into effect on 8 April 2019. The conversion kits offer a viable solution for all makes, manufacturers and models to ensure compliance with Euro 6 regulations.

Arriva Bus and Coach has already been installing conversion kits for more than four years which has allowed us to build up a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise. This industry-leading insight is being shared with engineers across the Arriva group as well as with our development partners to continuously refine and improve the conversion kit.

For more information on Euro 6 conversion technology take a look at the video below and for further expert support get in touch with our team at Arriva Bus and Coach.