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Sorry, no new buses available

Unfortunately at the moment we have no new bus models in stock or available to order. For any bus requirements, please contact us and we would be happy to see how we can help.

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We can provide the complete maintenance and repair solution. Keeping you safe on the road and ensuring maximum fleet up-time

Field Service

Our team of specialist Field Technicians are able to bring Arriva Bus and Coach to you, ensuring you always receive the highest standard of support you would expect from us.

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Six-week safety inspections

At Arriva Bus and Coach we always go the extra mile so when you ask us to carry out a safety inspection we will perform more than 100 individual tests and checks.

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Major service

Regular care and maintenance means a high-performance coach that stays on the road for longer.

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At Arriva Bus and Coach we want to make sure you stay safe and legal while also limiting the amount of time your vehicle is off the road.

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At Arriva Bus and Coach we carry out a thorough and efficient MOT service using a dedicated ATF-accredited test lane.

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Maintaining the accuracy of the tracking on your coach means you will benefit from reduced tyre wear and increased miles per gallon.

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Preventative maintenance

Your coach is the heart of your business and that’s why we offer a preventative maintenance service that ensures engineering work is carried out before it becomes a fault.

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Bespoke maintenance packages

We can also offer bespoke Repair and Maintenance packages to suit your individual fleet’s needs.

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Vehicle familiarisation training

We want you to get the very best out of your coach and that’s why we provide a range of training packages

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