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Sorry, no new buses available

Unfortunately at the moment we have no new bus models in stock or available to order. For any bus requirements, please contact us and we would be happy to see how we can help.

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Preventative maintenance

Your coach is the heart of your business and that’s why we offer a preventative maintenance service that ensures engineering work is carried out before it becomes a fault – avoiding breakdown costs and loss of earnings through your coach being off the road.

It is worth remembering that the average call out cost for a breakdown in Europe is €1,250. When you also consider the damage it could cause to your reputation if passengers are left stranded for many hours, then something as simple as a brake chamber failure can become extremely costly.

Our team of Specialist Technicians ensure your coach remains in good health so that you can feel confident in its performance and reliability at all times while avoiding any unwelcome repair bills!

For example, many operators take their coaches to countries with poor fuel quality which can block filters. We can provide treatments such as DPF cleaning which prevents this build up and is far cheaper than removing the fuel tank. Plus this work can be combined with your service package and carried out by our mobile Specialist Technicians.

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