Van Hool TX

“Down to the last detail”


DAF Paccar Euro 6 Engine

  • The latest EU legislation on diesel engine emissions for new coaches and buses, as well as trucks, means that the fumes coming from the tailpipe of a Euro 6 diesel engine are cleaner than any of its predecessors

  • Lower emissions, in this instance, mean a big reduction in NOx levels and less particulate matter (PM) being emitted. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx), and PM (soot particles, basically). Compared to the Euro 5 engine, for example, the Euro 6 produces 75% lower levels of NOx, with the PM reduction considerably lower, at around 95% of Euro 5

  • The centrally positioned integrated air grid is already dimensioned such to meet Euro 6 engine air volume requirements

Coach Exterior

  • The whole TX range comes equipped with a new generation of LED-lights which results in improved safety, functionality and lifespan

  • The smooth sides of the vehicle enhance the aerodynamic characteristics, and thus help to reduce fuel consumption

  • Typical of the TX range is the high grade stainless steel fit and finish with embedded VanHool logo. Much like the front this backside comes equipped with custom made light clusters, 100% LED and completely sealed

  • Maximum use of corrosion-resistant materials is made during construction. In order to ensure a long operational life, the coaches are also subjected to thorough anti-corrosion treatment, as part of Van Hools high standards

Luggage Space

  • With a floor storage capacity of up to 464 ft and overhead compartments, drivers and passengers can both be at ease

  • The wide range of TX models caters for all operator requirements. Whether it be for use on short intercity journeys or long distance journeys there is a coach for every need

  • The Van Hool TX Astron is the vehicle of choice when looking for maximum luggage space. At an impressive 18m3 with a spacious toilet and a sleeping compartment for the driver it is the perfect option for long distance journeys


A choice between elegant ALU-rims, or synthetic wheel covers with a modern and dynamic look. Mounting is done with a bracket which is secured by the wheel nuts in order to ensure a solid application.


  • The whole TX range comes with a new generation of LED lights which results in improved safety, functionality and lifespan

  • The custom-made headlight clusters are literally the eye catchers of the TX and reflect the dynamic, sportive and solid character of the TX-range

  • The headlight cluster has been developed with maximum functionality and safety in mind. The bi xenon and halogen high-beam headlamps in combination with integrated daylights and repeat turn signal are in a complete sealed cluster for optimal maintenance and durability

Enlarged Entrance Area

  • Enlarged entrance area for ease of access when boarding and alighting

  • Conveniently located switches at the entrance door for automatic entrance lighting. Central locking of luggage bar doors, luggage compartment lighting and lighting of guide area

  • Door lock with dual push buttons to operate front and middle doors

  • Solid and durable entrance doors with emergency release valves constructed to the latest safety standards

Driver Dashboard

  • Within the design of the new dashboard, the comfort and ergonomics of the driver were paramount. Without loss of functionality, additional space was created, thereby improving the driver’s boarding and egress; amongst others by integrating the gear level into the dashboard

  • From heating to lighting, from mirrors to checking the vehicle’s parameters. The driver has everything under control thanks to the new multifunctional turning knob. The intuitive operation and speed buttons for the main functions allow the driver to quickly lock in the correct settings and to consult valuable information

  • The new generation of onboard multimedia with integrated Bluetooth, USB and audio connection along with high grade connections and increased output make for better sound quality

Passenger Comfort

  • ?Top class comfort? isn?t just a slogan. Travelling in a Van Hool TX coach means being in a comfortable, relaxed holiday atmosphere right from the beginning. Lean back, breathe and relax. Comfort is a paramount factor, making these coaches truly luxurious

  • With power sockets enabling passengers to charge their mobile devices, passengers will be able to make the most of their journeys. It means they can have access to entertainment and maybe even get some work done!

Multimedia System

  • Keep your passengers entertained and make their journey a completely new experience. 22 inch digital LED monitors are available or in built monitors in the headrests can be fitted if required

  • Grouped multimedia connections including USB, 24V socket, microphone and audio/video switch. Optional VGA and 220V sockets are available

Luxury Bathrooms

Large, spacious toilets come as standard with the Van Hool TX range. Whether it be a rear or centre sunken washroom that is needed, the TX can cater for anything to make sure your customers are completely comfortable

Passenger Area and Climate control

  • The complete Van Hool TX range comes with a state of the art climate control system, in terms of ventilation, heating, air conditioning and operation. The new air conditioning with the compact AC188 drop in unit has a substantially increased capacity with more airflow, in combination with a lower noise level. Easy access to filters and unit results in a better and faster maintenance

  • The new dual zone control, with separate sensors, for front and rear guarantees an even temperature in the vehicle’s interior. The graphical colour display in combination with the multifunctional turning knob provides for an easy and intuitive operation of the climate control

  • New multiset illuminated touch buttons with LED lighting, HQ speaker and optic fibre night lights

High Spec Kitchens

  • All TX models are hand-made in the Van Hool factory in Belgium. Each coach can be specified completely to what the customer wants. The possibilities are endless

  • Modern high spec kitchen facilities and theatre style seat layouts can be added to vehicles used for VIP and premier travel routes